Toddler Winter Clothing – Splashing in the Puddles

Winter has arrived time to look around for our toddler winter clothing.  There are designer clothes available and everyday clothes.  What will toddler winter clothing comprise of, what will he actually need to keep him warm during the winter months?

Becoming a mum for the first time I thought a toddler needed loads and loads of clothes I learned very quickly that it was not necessary because they were growing out of the clothes too quickly and they had hardly been worn.

There are several different outer winter clothing available for toddlers, warm jacket, an all in one waterproof suit, waterproof jacket, warm trousers, warm jumpers appropriate footwear.

When buying clothes mums should think, are the clothes, machine washable, can they be tumble dried, and in some cases especially for busy mums do they have to be ironed.

For toddlers that are very busy and want to play rather than get dressed, to make life easier for you and your toddler by getting clothing that is easy to get into and to take off, also clothes that can stand wear and tear. The amount of clothes needed depends on the individual family lifestyle.

A family could be very active in all different sports needing different clothing for each individual activity. Another family may not be so active doing sports may prefer walking, art, and craft in the house.

Easy on Easy off

What do I mean and what types of clothes are these. When dressing a toddler they can get very frustrated because they are not being dressed quick enough so they can go and play. So choose clothes that easily go over their head without buttons, zips, fasteners. (these can come later). These clothes can be T-Shirts, trousers with elasticated waist they are so easy to put on.

Warm Jacket for the Winter

Toddlers enjoy playing in the snow, stomping in the mud and refusing to come indoors.  So winter coats are a requirement, they need warmth, waterproof and style.

Duffle Coat Warm for winter

Winter Coat

Padded coat with fur hood

Toddler boys clothings


Some Natural Fabrics




Smart Dressy Clothes

Toddler boys clothing

Smart and cute

From a mums perspective, when going to special birthdays or wedding, we do like our toddler to look smart.   Your child can look smart without having to spend a fortune. Dressy clothes are worn for weddings and really special birthday parties. For a wedding depending on the age of the toddler can be dressed very smartly and cutely for the winter, occasion.  Even during winter, there are Toddler boys clothing during winter


How to measure for Size

KIDS Size charts children, 0-5 + years.

Measurements should be taken directly from the child’s body.

A: Chest

B: Waist how to measurechart of sizes

C: Low hip

D: Inner leg length is measured from the top of the inside leg down to the floor.

E: Height BOY



Toddlers Boy Clothing

Mums have all got different ideas when it comes to dressing their toddlers.  Some like to dress them in designer clothes, others quite happy to dress them in what we say ordinary clothes.  Whatever the toddlers are dressed in they can all look smart and cute.   Should there be any questions or want to leave a review please leave a comment below.


  1. Hi Pam,

    Thank you for this interesting Post and your useful advice.

    You are right, toddlers grow up so fast that we shouldn’t buy too many clothes for them, especially because they are usually very expensive.

    Sometimes we tend to dress our kids like adults with fancy and expensive clothes which are not practical because all that kids want is just to play.

    Keep on the good job!


  2. Fai

    This is a great post. At least now I know what and how many to get. Choosing kids clothes can really be quite a hassle. Thank you so much for making it easier.

  3. Furkan

    Actually I was looking for the measurement for kids. I just could not find the necessary information while choosing the inner leg length.

  4. Brandon

    I think as summer approaches your article couldn’t have come anymore timely. I think lightweight jackets are the BEST simply because they are all affordable, not too hot and keep you at the right temperature no matter what the conditions are. And of course trousers and shorts are a must! Great job on the article. You’re going to help a lot of people 🙂

  5. Hey Pamela,
    I will refer my friend who has a kid since I don’t have any haha . I learned some interesting tips for the future though
    Thank you !

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